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  • Find Your Happy Hour
    ‘Tis the season of tan lines, bug bites, beach adventures, OOO email replies ('out of office' if you missed that one) and the beloved happy hour. I love a good “five-o-clock somewhere” moment as much as the next person, but sadly, the concept of a cocktail can seem a little intimidating to those of us with limited to no pancreas functionality. The cheap ones are loaded with sweeteners, and the expensive ... Read More
    Published on Tuesday, July 30, 2019
  • New nasal glucagon spray approved by FDA
        Baqsimi, (yes, where do they get these names from?) has just gotten FDA approval and that’s great news. Great news. Now, for the first time ever, there will be a fairly easy solution for a severe low.   Baqsimi is glucagon in nasal powder form, delivered in a puff through a nasal spray … Continue reading New nasal glucagon spray approved by FDA ... Read More
    Published on Monday, July 29, 2019
  • Garden Fresh Greek Cucumber Salad
    This Garden Fresh Greek Cucumber Salad allows you to use up abundant fresh summer produce like tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh herbs quickly and easily in a delicious plant-based, naturally gluten-free salad that comes together in just minutes. A Favorite Family Recipe As a lifetime gardener, plant-based medicine advocate, and registered dietitian nutritionist, I firmly believe ... Read More about Garden Fresh Greek Cucumber Salad The post Garden Fresh Greek Cucumber Salad appeared first on Emily ... Read More
    Published on Saturday, July 27, 2019
  • 8 Specialists That Impact Diabetes Care
    Diabetes is usually a lifelong condition. Often times primary care physicians refer their diabetes patients to specialists to achieve the best outcomes and improve their quality of life. Diabetes specialists include doctors, nurses, dietitians, and therapists that can help patients manage this life-long condition by making individualized plans with the patient. ... Read More
    Published on Friday, July 26, 2019
  • How to Set and Achieve SMART Goals — in Life and Diabetes
    Goals are steps that give you direction to achieve your ambitions. They provide excitement towards the possibility of the future. But if goals are too generalized or unrealistic, they could be detrimental in reaching your vision. ... Read More
    Published on Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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