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Eat Healthy, Live Well Blog


A blog focused diabetes management, diabetes meal planning, and healthy restaurant eating.

Author: Hope Warshaw RD, CDE, BC-ADM

Hope is a dietitian and diabetes educator who’s proud to put the credentials, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, after her name. She owns a consulting practice, Hope Warshaw Associates, LLC, in Northern Virginia. Her work today spans from work as a spokesperson, corporate consultant, f... More

Eating Soulfully


The latest medical treatments for diabetes-medications, insulin therapies, blood glucose monitors, plus the pros and cons of supplements, herbs, and alternative diets.

Author: Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN

Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN—an award-winning RD, certified diabetes educator, and past national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is the author of The African American Guide to Living Well With Diabetes, which received the Favorabl... More

Eats With Grace


In our blog, you will find snack and meal examples, diet tips and general encouragement.

Author: Grace Rivers, RDN, LD, CDE

I’m a been-around-awhile dietitian that has more than 20 years of experience. When I was in my twenties, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I made some changes with my food intake and learned this helped to lower my blood pressure. Then, the doctor took me off ... More

Emily Kyle Nutrition


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Helping You to Create a Happy & Healthy Lifestyle!

Author: Emily Cope-Kyle, MS, RDN

I am a registered and certified dietitian nutritionist located in chilly Rochester, New York. In addition to providing nutrition counseling and running my program the 52 Week Guide to Create a Happy & Healthy Lifestyle I also work as an inpatient clinical dietitian at H... More

Fiber is the Future


A nutrition blog highlighting the health benefits of dietary fiber and its food industry following.

Author: Katie Ferraro, MPH, RD, CDE

Katie Ferraro is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator working in the San Diego and San Francisco, CA markets. She is a consultant dietitian with a focus on nutrition curriculum development and evidence based nutrition science information exchange. Kati... More