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A Diabetic Dietitian


A blog that is about real life experiences as a person with diabetes trying to educate others about their diabetes. Here I post my successes, my failures, my attempts at cooking, and some of my favorite things while all involving diabetes and food.

Author: Emily Gorman, RD, CDN

I’m Emily: a type 1 diabetic, registered dietitian, lover of chocolate, and youngest of seven kids. I obsess over reality TV and nothing relaxes me more than organizing my closet. My biggest pet peeve is people who are late. When I am aggravated, I sigh very deeply. E... More

Am I Hungry?


A Blog On Mindful Eating for Prediabetes and Diabetes

Author: Megrette Fletcher, MEd, RD, CDE

Megrette Fletcher is a diabetes educator who is passionate about the benefits of mindfulness as they apply to food and eating. In 2006, Megrette’s passion convinced some really smart people to create The Center for Mindful Eating, which is a web-based, international n... More